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Get your ecommerce business fit for a post-Brexit future!

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Step 1: Working out Customs and Logistics

Start preparing your supply chain by understanding what to expect at the UK / EU border as we discuss importing and exporting. Having a smooth logistics operation will be key to ensuring you get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Step 2: Get your VAT fighting fit!

As marketplaces adapt to their new VAT responsibilities and businesses face a range of changes to their obligations, we’ll dig down into the specifics of maintaining your VAT compliance through the transition. 

Step 3: Export to new Markets

Take it to the next level – explore potential opportunities for growth and learn about breaking into new territories with tips for achieving success on international marketplaces, deciding which channels will be best for your business and examining resources available to you, this webinar has everything you need to expand your business in a post-Brexit world!

Step 4: A training guide to getting ready for Q4 and Brexit

Not only will these seasoned sellers be sharing words of wisdom but a blueprint to how they are changing their operations and businesses to adapt in the lead up to the final quarter of the year, and the end of the transition period.

Meet your host!

Alex Wyatt, Global Project Manager

Many of you will have met Alex on the event circuit or caught one of her presentations as she travels the world supporting sellers on their journey to global success.

“It’s a crucial time for businesses to analyse their operations and take action to adapt to the changes Brexit will bring. We want to help sellers by bringing key topics to the forefront of the conversation, with experts providing insight and answering your questions.”

Joined By Expert Speakers

Kevin Shakespeare Institute of Export
Kevin Shakespeare
The Institute of Export and International Trade
Louise Boussemart
Alex Huntley
Philipp Fechner
InterCultural Elements GmbH & Co. KG
Phil Booker
Brad Aspess LTD
Shelley Simone
Augustas Kligys
Orange Klik Company
Simas Zelvys
7 figure Amazon Seller
Lyden Smithers
Ignite Brands / Titan Network

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