Data Collection

How to collect and share your data with us

S-VAT:’s VAT Compliance Software Platform

Our proprietary software can collect data directly from your online sales channels including Amazon, Ebay and Shopify – which means you don’t have to send us data anymore!  In order to sign up to software connection via an API key – please email with the subject ‘S-VAT’.

Alternatively you can securely upload sales data using our WeTransfer service. When uploading your sales data please provide your email address and company name in the message box.

Collecting Data From Amazon – VAT Transaction Report (for EU sales only)

To download the Amazon VAT Transactions Report, to allow us to prepare your VAT Return please follow the below steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over ‘Reports’ on the taskbar and select ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’
  2. Scroll down on the left-hand side to ‘Tax’ section and select ‘Amazon VAT Transactions Report’
  3. Change the ‘Event Month’ to ‘exact months’ and select the month(s) for the VAT Return period – note you can only download up to 3 months data at a time
  4. Click ‘Request Download’ (The file will download in .txt format) please send these files to us

Amazon data is available for download on the 3rd of every month.

**Please note that we now also require the Amazon Fulfilment Shipment Report – instructions on how to download this can be found HERE. **

Collecting Data From Amazon (for Canadian sales only)


Navigate to Reports > Tax Document Library > Generate a tax report > Report Type: Sales Tax Calculation Report > Select Month for a one month report, or custom for any longer periods > Click ‘Generate’.

(NEW TEMPLATE) Collecting Data From Other Channels

Please list your sales in excel, you can find a template here.

How to use the new Sales Data template

If you’re unsure of how to use the new Sales Data Template, please watch the tutorial below.

(NEW TEMPLATE) Purchase Data and Imports

If you have made any purchases in any of the Amazon Pan-EU countries, including any imports (SAD documents), please select the relevant template and fill it out with the requested information.

For the new Purchase data template, please click here.

On the new templates, please note on the template whether or not you have used postponed accounting for any of your imports.

(NEW TEMPLATE) Cost Prices

Please send us all of your cost prices, you can find the template here

**Please note that if we are missing cost prices we may not be able to submit your VAT return. **

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