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eBay Global Shipping Programme: What you should know

March 2, 2017 in International VAT, VAT and Fulfilment

Our Guest Blog is by the UK’s premier eBay Specialist Consultant, Jane Bell – also known as eBayAnorak – who has lived and breathed eBay for over 15 years. Since 2002 she has been listed as an eBay Powerseller as well as a Top Rated Seller with over 10,ooo positive feedbacks at 100%. Jane also manages and consults on national and international company’s marketplace presence in addition to operating her own eBay account. 


The eBay Global Shipping Programme (GSP) is one of the best eBay tools I’ve seen over the last few years. It can give every business a route to global shipping and also allow businesses to ‘test the water’ in a country before arranging to ship direct whether via eBay or their website.

What is the GSP?

The GSP allows low risk shipping on eligible eBay items to countries around the world. There’s nothing to change on your listings to make them live it’s simply a tick box in the Site Preferences section or on this direct link and that’s it!

No postage or insurances to work out, when your items sell, eBay will charge the buyer the cost of the item plus any customs charges and tracked postage to their country.

eBay will replace the buyer’s home address on the order with the address of the eBay fulfilment centre in the Midlands along with a code that identifies the order. When the order reaches the fulfilment centre and eBay and you are notified of its delivery.

What are my VAT obligations?

Please be aware of your responsibility to monitor your sales to other EU countries, as these sales are governed by the EU VAT distance selling rules.  You should charge local VAT on any sales you make to EU private customers, until you hit set thresholds – €35,000 in most EU countries, except Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands where it is €100,000.  If you are not VAT registered in the UK, don’t charge VAT, however, you still need to monitor your sales to other EU countries as these rules will still apply.  To know more, contact heretohelp@simplyvat.com. SimplyVAT will be able to help you sleep at night!

What is the cost?

This is the good bit, there’s no additional cost for using the GSP, your Final Value fees (FVF) will be charged on the UK item price and UK domestic shipping as usual so it costs you the same to sell to the UK as it does on the GSP.

My items are heavy, are they allowed?

“The item must weigh no more than 30 kg and be no larger than 125,000 cm³, and no longer than 120cm on the longest side. It should be worth no more than £1,500, except if you’re posting Russia, in which case it should be worth no more than £800” There are some categories that are not allowed to use the GSP, you’ll find more info on eBay’s GSP help pages.

What happens with returns and exchanges?

Returns and exchanges are dealt with in the usual way according to your own return policies eBay does not deal with the returns under the GSP it is the seller who deals with these.  There are companies who will help you with returns whether while using the GSP or returns from your website, ZigZag Global are an award-winning company who will help you manage international returns with ease.

Where do I find out more?

eBay GSP information page is here and all your questions will be answered, if not, call the eBayAnorak and I’ll be able to help you further.










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