eCommeleon Masterclass Webinar

“Leveling the playing field by utilising marketplaces” – Tuesday 16th March at 3PM GMT

Meet the host

Jesse Wragg

Co-Founder & Managing Director at eCommeleon

Having worked with marketplaces since 2007, eCommeleon is well-positioned to help you achieved your expansion goals at a low cost.

eCommeleon is a solution which breaks down the barriers to selling on multiple marketplaces around the world without having to change your tech-stack, hire new staff or outsource to an agency. They offer a combination of software and service designed specifically to help online sellers expand internationally via marketplaces.

‘Levelling the playing field by utilising marketplaces’

Tuesday 16th March at 3PM GMT

In this masterclass, Jesse will talk about how marketplaces can be used to help you level the playing field against larger competitors as well as giving you actionable tips and tricks on how to use marketplaces as a marketing channel instead of ‘just’ a sales channel. Hosted in a small group, you will be able to have your chance to ask Jesse your questions regarding your expansion. Alongside your questions, topics that will be covered include:

1️⃣ Marketplaces beyond Amazon; be where your buyers are

2️⃣ Item specifics, attributes and browse tree nodes. Understanding what marketplaces want from you and how to keep up with the different marketplace requirements

3️⃣ Creating curated content for marketplaces without changing your brand messaging

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