Apply for an EORI Number

If you’re importing goods into either the UK or the EU, you need an EORI number. Start your EORI application today and trade with ease.

Businesses importing into the EU and UK need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number (EORI) when importing goods. This number is used to identify your business as an importer and allows you to reclaim your import VAT.

Do I need an EORI number?

You only need one EORI number to import into the European Union and a separate GB EORI number to import into the UK.

What will it cost?

We are offering EORI registrations at a one-off fee of £100.

Which country do I register in?

Please select the first port of entry your goods will be shipped to.

Ready to get started?

We have set up an EORI registration portal to make things easier for you. If you know you would like to proceed with your EORI number application, please follow the links below for the country you wish to apply for and take the next step today!

Please note, does not deal with customs issues, so please consult with your freight forwarders about indirect representatives before importing into Germany. Otherwise, please contact us for details of our partners who can assist you with customs issues.

Importing into the UK

If you are looking to import into the UK, either as an EU or non-EU established business, you will need to apply for a GB EORI number in order to trade in the UK. You can start the process today by following the link below:

I don’t know if I need an EORI number… What do I do?

If you are unsure of which country to apply for or need assistance throughout any point, please contact us on

This will get you through to our team who are dedicated to helping you with everything to do with the end of the transition period!

Not sure where to begin?

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