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Distance Selling Thresholds

For EU countries

EU Distance Selling

The EU VAT distance selling rules are a set of EU VAT rules that affect anyone selling goods online to private consumers throughout the European Union. 

These rules state that you charge local VAT until you exceed set thresholds.  Once a distance selling threshold is exceeded in any one calendar year, you will need a VAT registration in that EU country

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EU Distance Selling Thresholds for VAT Registration

CountryCurrencyPer Annum VAT ThresholdEuro Equivalent *
Austria EUR 35,000  
Belgium EUR 35,000  
Bulgaria BGN 70,000 35,790
Croatia HRK 270,000 36,249
Cyprus EUR 35,000  
Czech Republic CZK 1,140,000 45,863
Denmark DKK 280,000 37,477
Estonia EUR 35,000  
Finland EUR 35,000  
France EUR 35,000  
Germany EUR 100,000  
Greece EUR 35,000  
Hungary HUF 8,800,000 26,205
Ireland EUR 35,000  
Italy EUR 35,000  
Latvia EUR 35,000  
Lithuania EUR 35,000  
Luxembourg EUR 100,000  
Malta EUR 35,000  
Netherlands EUR 100,000  
Poland PLN 160,000 37,651
Portugal EUR 35,000  
Romania RON 118,000 24,742
Slovakia EUR 35,000  
Slovenia EUR 35,000  
Spain EUR 35,000  
Sweden SEK 320,000 30,449
United Kingdom GBP 70,000 83,944

This information is correct at the time of publishing – 1st February 2020

*Exchange rate at time of publication.

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