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VAT rates vary from state-to-state across the EU. As of 2021, you need to charge the local VAT rate where your customer is based. For this reason, it’s important you know the VAT rates across Europe so you can price your products accordingly.

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VAT rates in the EU


VAT Rates in the EU

As of July 2021, you need to charge and collect VAT where your customers are based. So, it’s important you know the local VAT rates for each EU state and apply them correctly to purchases.

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EU VAT Rates by Country

Across the EU, current Standard VAT rates range from 25% (Sweden) to 17% (Luxembourg). VAT rates are divided into different categories: Standard Rate, Reduced Rate, Super Reduced Rate and Parking Rate. Each of these rates are different across each Memeber State.

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What is the EU VAT rate?

There is no universal VAT rate for the EU. Instead they are set country-by-country. Some EU Member States also apply varying rates to specific goods or services. That’s why staying up to date with the most recent VAT rates is essential.

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Does the EU set VAT rates?

No, VAT rates across the EU are decided by the individual countries themselves. However, the EU does set VAT directives that each state must follow. These directives outline certain guidelines that each country must follow. For example, Standard VAT rates can’t be lower than 15% and Reduced Rates must be above 5%.

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