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Partner Spotlight: Seller’s Choice

January 24, 2018 in Amazon, Ecommerce Tips, Partners

Sellers Choice Partnership SimplyVAT

Seller’s Choice is a full-service digital marketing agency for e-commerce sellers.  They provide  uniquely personalised marketing and managed services for digital marketplace sellers, e-commerce merchants, and brand builders worldwide. Their team’s personal experience and expertise makes them the number one seller’s choice. We asked Andrew Maffettone, Director of Marketing and Operations, a couple of important questions.


1.What does Sellers Choice offer to e-commerce sellers?


We offer almost every marketing service you can think of! Everything from social media marketing to PPC and form Amazon listing optimization to branding. We are Shopify Partners, part of the Amazon Solution Network and our team of professionals are Google Analytics and AdWords certified.


2.What is the biggest myth surrounding e-commerce digital marketing?


That’s easy! A lot of newer sellers think it’s as easy as just uploading your product to Amazon and the sales come rolling in! And, a lot of experienced sellers get lost in their ways without testing new approaches and new tactics.


3.Looking forward to 2018, what are your top 5 tips to new and existing sellers?


To new sellers, it’s all about branding right now. Start building your brand from day 1 and your company will be around for years to come. Focus on the long term, not just launching a product and hoping for the best.

For existing sellers, competition is getting more and more fierce for everyone. You need to find new ways to differentiate yourself. Give your customers an experience so they enjoy shopping with you, it will keep your retention rates higher than you ever thought!


4.What is coming up for Sellers Choice in 2018?


We’re releasing a business intelligence dashboard where sellers can track their company’s analytics all in one easy-to-read place for up-to-the-minute reports. Now seller’s will be able to see exactly what is working and what isn’t working for their business and how it’s affecting their sales. Not to mention being able to track improvements over time so testing can be much easier!


5.Tell us something awesome your company has done this year for a client!


In 2017 we have three things we’ve been celebrating around here! We helped one existing seller nearly TRIPLE their business primarily on Amazon which is allowing them to look into new marketplaces and platforms for 2018. AND we helped a new seller launch on Shopify and Amazon and start to bring in consistent sales almost immediately with some key social media and email marketing tactics. Last but not least we did not have A SINGLE SELLER not reach and maintain their Amazon PPC ACoS goals in 2017! Woo!

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