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Partner Spotlight: TaxJar

December 4, 2017 in Partners, Tax Jar, USA Sales Tax

Looking for help with your US Sales Tax? This week’s partner spotlight showcases our partner, TaxJar, and their tips for conquering the United States starting with Sales Tax! Check out how they can help you success in 2018:

1.What does TaxJar offer to e-commerce sellers?

TaxJar is the simplest way for online sellers to collect, report and file their sales tax returns. We help over 10,000 businesses do away with this time consuming and complicated hassle.

2.What is the biggest myth surrounding Sales Tax?

One myth we see quite a bit is that “I only sell online, so I’m not required to collect sales tax.” In the US, state taxing authorities consider online sellers to be like every other retailer and require you to collect sales tax.

A second myth common among US sellers is “I only need to collect sales tax from buyers in the state where I live.” While this is true of some sellers, the more correct thing to say is “I only have to collect sales tax from buyers in states where I have sales tax nexus.” Nexus can be established with an office or location, employees, or through things, you might not think of, such as storing inventory in a warehouse in a state. In the US, you’re required to collect sales tax in states where you have sales tax nexus.

3.Looking forward to 2018, what are your top 5 tips to new and existing sellers?

ONE: Before you do anything else, determine where you have sales tax nexus.

TWO: Know your sales tax “Materiality” – You may have nexus in a state, but not enough sales in that state to justify collecting sales tax. Read more about “When to Register for a Sales Tax Permit”.

THREE: Always collect sales tax from buyers in your home state.

FOUR: Keep track of sales tax rules and laws – Because sales tax in the US is governed at the state level, rules and laws are always changing. We keep you updated on the TaxJar Sales Tax Blog.

FIVE: Don’t waste time on unprofitable sales tax – Sales tax is a necessary business hassle, but not a profitable one. If you are spending too much time on sales tax, automate it with TaxJar.

4.What is coming up for TaxJar in 2018?

TaxJar is excited to make it easier for more businesses to AutoFile their sales tax returns, and to offer more services for sales tax professionals whose clients use TaxJar.

5.Tell us something awesome your company has done this year for a client!

This year we hit 10,000 customers and, to celebrate, we gave away a huge prize of 10,000 worth of business-related products and services to one lucky customer. You can read more about TaxJar’s 10k Celebration here.


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