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Selling online through Squarespace can open up your business to international markets, but it can also open you up to international VAT obligations. If you’re selling or holding stock cross-border, you may need to register for VAT. From our easy-to-integrate APIs to our specialist customer service, we’ve got the tools to keep your Squarespace store compliant. 

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Goods outside the UK at Point of Sale (Non-UK Businesses)

When selling on Squarespace to customers in the UK with a consignment value of under £135, you will need to be VAT registered from your first sale. All sales with a consignment value of less than £135 will be subject to VAT at the point of sale from the seller. 

If the consignment value is over £135, you can choose who the importer of record for the sale is: yourself, or the customer. If you are the importer of record then you must be VAT registered, charge VAT at the point of sale, pay import VAT and reclaim it on your VAT return. 

Goods inside the UK at Point of Sale (Non-UK Businesses)

If you have goods within the UK to sell onwards to customers, you have created a taxable supply and must be VAT registered. You must charge VAT on all sales made to UK customers. Any import VAT paid can be reclaimed on your VAT return (excluding those businesses that are under the Flat Rate Scheme).

As a seller, you must charge the UK VAT rate applicable to your products on all sales made to UK customers. 

Goods outside the EU at Point of Sale

For goods based outside the EU at point of sale below €150, you will be eligible to report these sales through the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme. The IOSS scheme is aimed at simplifying VAT compliance and importation of low value goods. IOSS allows you to report all your EU sales on a single monthly VAT return and expedite customs processes.

For goods above €150, you need to VAT register at the country of importation and charge VAT at the customer's local rate.

If you are selling digital goods or services, you will be able to report these sales through the non-Union OSS scheme. 

Goods within the EU at Point of Sale

If your goods are based within the EU at the Point of Sale, you will be eligible to register for the One Stop Shop (OSS) scheme in the country in which your stock is held. Through OSS you can report all your intra-EU distance sales in a single quarterly return. 

You will need to hold a local VAT registration in each of the countries you hold stock in

If you are selling digital goods or services, you will be able to report these sales through the non-Union OSS scheme. 

You should always be charging the local VAT rate applicable to where your customer is based. Unless you have not crossed the EU-wide Distance Selling Threshold of €10,000. This is inclusive of all intra-EU sales.

Why Squarespace Sellers Choose Us

Ecommerce is in our DNA. We specialise in keeping ecommerce sellers VAT compliant so you can rest assured that your Squarespace store is in safe hands. 

  • Easy to Integrate

    We've created an API for your Squarespace store which will automatically pull your sales data so you don't have to.

  • Ecosystem of Partners

    Through our partner network, we ensure that your ecommerce business is given access to the best resources available.

  • Protect Your Brand

    Give your brand the protection it deserves by choosing quality VAT compliance .

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