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New WooCommerce Integration – Running an ecommerce store can be a challenge, but for WooCommerce sellers, VAT compliance just got a whole lot simpler. 

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When selling to customers in the UK with a consignment value of under £135, you will need to be VAT registered from your first sale. If the consignment value is over £135,  you must be VAT registered, charge VAT at the point of sale, pay import VAT and reclaim it on your VAT return. 

Goods inside the UK at Point of Sale (Non-UK Businesses)

If you have goods within the UK to sell onwards to customers, you must be VAT registered.  

For consignments based outside the EU at point of sale below €150, you might be eligible to report these sales through the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme

For consignments above €150, you might need to VAT register in the country of importation and charge VAT at the customer’s local rate.

If you are selling digital goods or services, you may be able to report these sales through the Non-Union OSS scheme. 

If your goods are based within the EU at the Point of Sale, you might be eligible to register for the One Stop Shop (OSS) scheme in the country in which your stock is held. 

You will need to hold a local VAT registration in each of the countries you hold stock in

If you are selling digital goods or services, you might be able to report these sales through the Union OSS scheme. 

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