Understanding Your SimplyCalc Report

We’ve made a few changes

The way in which you receive your data from us has changed. We’ve tried to make our reports more informative and easier to understand. We’ve included an in-depth breakdown below of what’s included in your reports.

The Tables Tab

This tab identifies the way in which the sales and refunds have been treated. There is a column to identify the taxable country, then the departure country and arrival country. If the taxable country is blank this is because there is no tax liability, an example of this will be where the marketplace is handling the VAT.

Column A – All the titles of VAT types are grouped into categories.
Column B – Taxable Country – If this is blank it means that you are not responsible for reporting this. 
Column C – VAT rate – The VAT rate applied to the sale. 
Column D – Departure Country – Country the goods departed from. 
Column E – Arrival Country – Destination of the goods.
Columns F,G & H – Gross/Net/VAT 
Column I – VAT Rate Name – If standard or reduced rate has been applied.
Column J – Stock Movement – This shows the VAT number of departure and arrival of the stock movement.
Each category then directly feeds into the summary page. 

The Sales Data Tab

This is the raw sales data that applies to the relevant VAT return. We have also added a column in AI which identifies how that individual line may have been treated. For example, if they are B2C_SALES_HANDLED_BY_MARKETPLACE, or B2C SALES or STOCK_MOVEMENTS_IN.

This tab will contain all the data that relates to that specific VAT return. Column AI identifies how each sale line has been treated in the tables and therefore the summary.

The Purchase Data Tab

This gives a summary of all the purchases or import documents you would have provided to your Client Manager and how they have been treated. For example, IMPORT, INTRA-COMMUNITY_REVERSE-CHARGE, or DOMESTIC VAT CHARGED.

The EC Sales List Tab

This tab identifies all the B2B sales and stock movements out, these will be included on that country’s ECSL when submitted.

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