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Making your compliance Simple is working with FNAC Darty to help businesses navigate the new French VAT legislation coming into effect in January 2020. We can help you to remain VAT compliant and continue to sell without the issues that arise from not recognising your VAT obligations.

To combat tax fraud, new VAT legislation has been introduced that will require marketplaces to share seller data, including local and other European VAT numbers, with the French tax authorities from January 2020. Marketplaces will also be required to show the tax authorities that their vendors operating from outside the EU are paying the relevant VAT and custom duties on goods sold to French customers.  

What does this mean for you?

As you are selling on a marketplace in France you will be required to prove that you are complying with French VAT law. This will mean getting VAT registered in France if you have triggered an obligation.

There are two main triggers for needing a French VAT registration:

  • Holding stock in France
  • Selling over the distance selling threshold of €35,000 worth of goods into France

If you’re based in a NON-EU country you may also be required to have Fiscal Representation that will come at an additional cost.

What are the next steps?

French VAT Registrations can take up to 10 weeks so it’s vital to get started as soon as possible.

To find out more about your VAT obligations or kick-start your French VAT registration, get in touch with our team to ensure your business continues to run smoothly into the new year.

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