Reporting your digital supplies in 2021

As the end of the transition period approaches, it’s vital that online businesses understand how to stay compliant when trading within the EU. In this session we’ve covered everything you need to know about reporting your digital supplies and the VAT MOSS scheme.

Useful Resources

With the end of the transition period in sight, we’re working hard to bring you the information you need.

Selling on Amazon after Brexit: Changes to fulfilment

Find out how Amazon plans to adapt their FBA programmes in response to the changes that Brexit has caused.

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Registering for a second EORI number

You might need an EORI number to continue importing into the UK or the EU at the end of the transition period.

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How to report your digital supplies post-Brexit

The VAT MOSS can be used by EU and non-EU sellers. However, as a non-EU business you would need to register on the ‘non-Union’ MOSS, specifically designed for overseas sellers.

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