What is an EORI number?

An EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is used to identify your business as an importer and allows you to reclaim your import VAT.

Is an EORI number the same as a VAT number?

No, an EORI number is required for your business to import goods into the UK & the EU. VAT numbers have a variety of registration requirements depending on where you’re selling from/to. They are usually linked to your VAT number and will contain a two-letter country code (e.g. FR) and a 7-digit number.

How do I get an EORI number?

Through our EORI registration portal, you can simply fill out a form to get your EORI registration started. Here you can register for an EORI number in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, and the Netherlands.

Why do I need an EORI number?

Any business that imports goods either into the UK or the EU is required to hold a valid EORI number.

How much does an EORI number cost?

We can EORI register your business for a one-off fee of £100.

Which countries do I need to register for an EORI in?

You need to register in the first port of entry for your goods within the EU, or GB if importing into the UK.

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