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Whether registering for VAT abroad, managing VAT returns or submitting Intrastat reports, our team can help. Consider your VAT handled.

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Our Mission is to help companies build international, successful and sustainable businesses without the worry of VAT compliance.  We provide international VAT services including VAT registrations, VAT returns (or equivalent), additional reporting such as Intrastat and EC Sales Lists in the following countries.

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International VAT Registrations – Made Simple

What you need to know

The EU VAT Distance Selling Rules 

The EU VAT distance selling rules are a set of EU VAT rules that affect anyone selling goods online to private consumers throughout the European Union. 

These rules state that you charge local VAT until you exceed set thresholds. 

Once a distance selling threshold is exceeded in any one calendar year, you will need a VAT registration in that EU country. 

The current set thresholds are: 

  • Euros 35,000 (or local currency equivalent) in every EU country, except; 
  • Euros 100,000 (or equivalent) in Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg; 


  • GBP 70,000 in the UK. 

We can check if you have reached a Distance Selling Threshold – schedule a call with our team today to find out if you need to VAT register in another country.

The Distance Selling Thresholds and Using Fulfilment Centres in the EU 

If you put your stock in a warehouse or fulfilment centre e.g. Amazon Fulfilment, in another EU country, this triggers an immediate need to VAT register – there are no thresholds to exceed. 

Once you are selling from a fulfilment centre to private customers in other EU countries, you must monitor your distance sales from each location where your stock is stored. 

Importing goods into the EU 

When you are importing goods into the EU, whether you are based outside the EU or not, you will need to decide whether you or your customer is the ‘importer of record’.  This is important as the importer of the goods is responsible for the import VAT and duty charges.    

If you make your customer the ‘importer of record’, your customer will be responsible for all import charges relating to their purchase. This is not always the best customer experience. Many sellers experience large volumes of goods being returned when surprised customers refuse to take delivery of their purchases because of the unexpected import charges applied to the delivery of their item. 

If you choose to be the ‘importer of record’ as the seller, rather than your customer, you should VAT register in the first European Union country where your goods land.    

The online retailers who voluntarily register for VAT experience a big fall in goods being returned and give their customers a much better buying experience. 


Non-compliance for any online retailer can lead to penalties and fines being issued by the EU tax authorities.  To avoid these additional costs and to ensure the longevity and sustainability of your business, please set up a time to talk to today. We want to help you with the necessary VAT registrations applicable to your business. 


If your sales fall below the registration threshold after you have registered, or you cease to trade in that country, you can deregister. However, how quickly will depend on the local laws. can help with the deregistration process for you. 

On-going VAT Compliance – Made Simple

Once VAT registered, there are frequent VAT reporting requirements necessary to fulfil local tax authority criteria. 

VAT Returns and EC Sales List

Each tax authority has different deadlines and different frequencies for the filing of its VAT returns. will ensure the collation, preparation and filing of the VAT returns and any additional reporting requirement such as EC Sales Lists accurately and on time.   

Get in touch today to find out how we can help and how we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. 


Never thought you’d need to know what an ‘intrastat declaration’ was.. we’re here to surprise you and inform you of all you need to know to ensure you stay compliant when growing your business internationally! 

An Intrastat is a statistical return used by European Union governments to collect information on the movement of goods between EU countries. The reports are required when set Intrastat Reporting Thresholds (which differ from VAT Registration Thresholds) are breached. Non-compliance is a criminal offence. can help you meet your mandatory obligations. 

What does all this mean to you? 

  • We help you sleep at night by taking away the burden and worry of international VAT compliance 
  • Our efficient, expert and supportive VAT compliance services empower you to focus on growing your international ecommerce business. 
  • Working as your trusted partner, we will free you to pursue your dreams 

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